Last Straw

A complete Short Story extracted from “Short Blasts” by Mai Griffin (may be shared freely – providing all shares include Mai Griffin’s name) Last Straw by Mai Griffin What to do…? “Who could have dreamed that every individual in the whole world could be suddenly under threat of death from a previously unknown virus for which there is no known… Read More

I was famous once…

Yes – I was on Wikipedia. I was surprised and obviously pleased when the article appeared there. Several years later it was removed and, although disappointed, I gave it no further thought …just one of those things! My daughter, however, sought to find out why and eventually had an answer. A Wikipedia user (whose judgement was obviously respected) had pointed… Read More


Children are a joy to portray in oil on canvas… please note that I didn’t say “to paint”, as someone would be bound to interrupt with whoops of derisive laughter! Not all the little people who have sat for me have done so willingly; anxious parents’ warning about sitting still and being quiet for the three hour session, never help! A two-year-old… Read More