Things Change

The last two years have not been fun! Being physically unable to stand or sit comfortably at an easel, painting became impossible, and various events conspired to put me off writing. Nothing has worked, thank goodness!

To begin with, my publisher suggested that we give my Ghostly Echoes series a facelift, as they still sported the covers they inherited from when they were the Shades of Grey series that E. L. James drowned with hers.

This was just after “Somebody Came” was published with its “Haunting” eye, that set its cover apart from all my other books.

I thought the pocket-size was novel and liked the cover, so I was quite pleased when the new look incorporated the eye theme. All Five Ghostly Echoes books now feature grey, ghostly faces (in a subtle allusion to the old series title) but each has startlingly coloured and piercing eyes.

Now, with lockdown, there has been time to sort out some short stories that I have written over the last thirty years, in between writing full-length books and painting. This has now been published as Short Blasts and I am pleased to say – the eyes are back 🙂 for the paperback

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