I was famous once…

Yes – I was on Wikipedia.

I was surprised and obviously pleased when the article appeared there. Several years later it was removed and, although disappointed, I gave it no further thought …just one of those things!

My daughter, however, sought to find out why and eventually had an answer. A Wikipedia user (whose judgement was obviously respected) had pointed out that the artist and the writer were probably two different people with the same name. It was unlikely, she stated, that an artist could also be a novelist. In any case, she said, the accompanying portrait was too saccharin to be considered real art. It was this comment that upset me… After all I had been a successful professional artist for several decades by then. Surely, I was allowed to feel sentimental about my younger grandson, then just two years old…

I did wonder why nobody bothered to ask me whether I was two in one or duplicated! Never mind – we all know that fame is fleeting.

mmm… now to whom is the quote “In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.” attributed – Oh yes, that would be to an artist… Andy Warhol… so maybe artists are literate after all?

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