Looking Back and Looking Forward

While living in Dorchester-on-Thames, in Oxfordshire, in the seventies, I was asked to write and illustrate local stories connected to Dorchester Abbey. They were published and sold in the Abbey Museum which helped to raise much needed funds towards the upkeep of the cloister garden.

Over the next decade in the Far and Middle East, more of my time was spent painting and ghost writing, but writing only letters in my own name.

Since coming to live in Spain in the late eighties, I’ve had stories published in magazines and won publication in an international competition. Coming out as an author in my own right encouraged me to write under my own name – and yes – I am both an artist and an author. My first series, “Ghostly Echoes” is a story you may have followed on other posts as it was originally called “Shades of Grey”, which meant it suffered badly when, soon after the series had started to gather momentum, E. L. James decided to use my series title for her infamous 50.

My latest book, “Somebody Came”, is now out – and is different from the “Ghostly Echoes” series. It is a lighter look at the supernatural and the effects of ghosts on the living

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